A Fidget for Everyone. Inspired by Musicians.

Tap Drums is pocket sized fidget device. For everyone, inspired by musicians. It has soft foam pads you tap with your fingers, sits nicely on your leg or a table, and you can take it anywhere. Tap Drums is great for anyone (musicians, fidgeters, students) who find themselves tapping on their leg, desk, dashboard, armrests, you name it.

Musicians love the tactile feel

Fidgeters and their friends love that it’s silent
Pocket sized;
Take it anywhere

Cool product! What’s your story?

We are a family business in Denver, Colorado. We had the idea when our son, who was in high school marching band percussion, was constantly tapping to music on his leg, his desk, everywhere. He needed something more… tactile. After a couple iterations, we shared the prototype with his band mates and they all loved it. Tap Drums was born.

Though it suits a musician well, we have found that fidgeters also love it. And at any age. It feels good, is super quiet, and isn’t distracting to others.

How can I get one?

You can purchase Tap Drums on our Etsy Store and Amazon Store. Many colors are available.
Please email info@tapdrums.com for questions, local orders, or business inquiries.

Proud sponsor of Rocky Mountain Percussion Association at rmpa.org

Tap Drums, LLC – U.S. Patent Pending – Copyright 2024